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  • Co Founder Richard Ward speaks about the New Tangle Angel 2.0

    13 April at 16:06 from atlas

    "The new Angel 2.0 has really moved on from the original Tangle Angel. The bristles are soft, they flex and return. They don't pull the ...

  • invisibobble® X Swim with Mi

    15 July at 10:29 from atlas

    The invisibobble® x Swim with Mi SPRUNCHIES are available in two designs: "Simply The Zest", a white with a lemon print, and "Santorini ...

  • Foamie Our Story

    13 July at 16:20 from atlas

    After seeing that today's consumers were no longer excited by the humble bar of soap, a team of beauty enthusiasts came together at ...


    18 May at 14:13 from atlas

    Hair styling at home made fun. Our best-loved invisibobble ORIGINAL hair ties, paired with our new innovations for the perfect and ...


    11 May at 17:16 from atlas

    how to wrapstar ...

  • NEW Foamie Plastic Free Solid Shampoo - So Much More Than Just Soap

    9 March at 17:39 from atlas

    Foamie Firm Shampoo  - the plastic-free hair care ...

  • invisibobble® WAVER+ - 36% bigger than our WAVER

    2 March at 16:35 from atlas

    WAVER+ VIDEO - 36% bigger than our WAVER Get to know our bigger sister of ...

  • NEW Invisibobble Waver - Hair Clip 2.0

    15 May at 23:08 from atlas

    invisibobble® waver - the next step to change the hair game ...

  • NEW invisibobble® clicky bun - the perfect bun

    24 March at 13:16 from atlas

    Who doesn't know this problem? Achieving a perfect bun in the morning rush can be a real nightmare! Individual strands of hair end up ...

  • NEW Tangle Angel Gift Set Limited Edition

    2 February at 12:25 from atlas

    This beautifull gift set contains a soft-touch finish Tangle Angel Original in Fuchsia (soft-touch available exclusively with the gift ...



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