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  • NEW Invisibobble Waver - Hair Clip 2.0

    15 May at 23:08 from atlas

    invisibobble® waver - the next step to change the hair game

    Here comes the invisibobble® WAVER. The hair-accessory 2.0, The Next Generation, The Hair Game Changer! The unique design and the special material make the WAVER truly exceptional. The WAVER offers a comfortable, gentle, and - just like the other invisibobble® products - traceless alternative to the usual hair clips and pins.


    The top of the WAVER is inspired by the shape and functionality of the invisibobble® ORIGINAL spiral hair rings. As the name WAVER already suggests, the core is the three-dimensional wave shape, which guarantees a strong and at the same time hair-preserving hold. The hair is not, as with other products, simply compressed, but held in the uniform cavities and fixed. Thus, impressions are avoided, and a high level of comfort guaranteed

    Slide Lock Technology

    The innovative closure requires no effort. Instead, the invisibobble® WAVER is simply opened and closed with two fingers and a twisting motion - it's flickin 'simple!

    invisibobble® waver - the next step to change the hair game



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