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  • Quick-fix Hair Products by STYLEDRY

    30 July at 09:15 from atlas

    Discover the STYLEDRY range of dry shampoo, blotting paper & turban shower caps

    STYLEDRY was created by twin sisters Evelien and Annelie de Vries. Even though the two are identical twins, Evelien noticed that her hair never looked as good as her sisters, despite sharing the same DNA. Unlike Evelien, Annelie only washed her hair approx. once a week. A clear indication that frequent cleansing does not benefit the hair. Evelien followed suit and her hair started looking more vibrant.

    She then embarked on a mission to find a flexible solution that is effective for on-the-go and so STYLEDRY was found. The quick-fix hair products provide a fresher looking mane without having to wash the hair.

    All STYLEDRY products are vegan, paraben and sulphate-free, and are not tested on animals.

    ·  Detangles

    ·  Adds shine

    ·  Promotes scalp health

    ·  Improves manageability

    ·  Moisturises



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