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  • The Razor That's Changing The Game...

    30 August at 07:55 from atlas

    Instyle calls Sphynx "the razor that's changing the game entirely!" The Sphynx Portable Razor is an innovative, new gadget designed to let you shave on-the-go, perfect for missed spots and quick touch ups no matter where life takes you. Each compact razor contains:

    (1) one refillable water spray bottle,

    (1) one moisturizing pre-shave bar, and

    (2) two razor blades.

    The Sphynx Razor is not meant to replace your at-home blades or shaving routine. It's designed for those moments away from home when you realized you need a quick shave - whether at the beach, gym, work, school, traveling etc. Simply turn the center dial to spray, moisturize and shave!



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