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COMBO - Angel 2.0 + Original - Pink


COMBO - Angel 2.0 + Original includes: 1 Tangle Angel 2.0 in Precious Pink & 1 Invisibobble Original Pinkerbell

BUY BUNDLE AND SAVE  Normally $38.90 Now $34.00 Save 12.5% 

Tangle Angel 2.0 Gloss Pink with Pink Teeth | Award-Winning Detangling Hair brush
Based on our original, iconic brush, the Angel 2.0 is designed for heavenly detangling and everyday brushing.
With improved bristles and revolutionary anti-static technology, it makes tackling tangles easy and hair brushing effortless. The shape has evolved too, enhancing its look and performance.
Whether your hair is tangled, flyaway, wet or dry, this ultra-soft detangling brush delivers divine results.

Product height
193 mm
Unique Features
Not only do our products visually stand out they include a number of innovative key features across the range.

  • Antibacterial
  • Ex-Static™ Anti Static Strip
  • Memory-Flex™ Bristles
  • Heat Resistant (to 120 degrees C)
  • Lengthened Handle for greater control
  • Rubberised foot for stable base
  • Water-resistant

Colour: 1x Tangle Angel 2.0

Content: Gloss Pink

invisibobble ORIGINAL - Pinkerbell

The secret of invisibobble® lies in its spiral shape. Because the invisibobble® distributes pressure evenly on your ponytail, you get a strong and comfortable fit. The invisibobble® ORIGINAL leaves no traces in your hair and is waterproof.

  • traceless
  • high wearing comfort
  • hair-loving
  • strong grip
  • non-soaking
  • updo tool

Colour: Pinkerbell/rosé and white

Content: 1 Pkg. includes 3 invisibobbles® 




COMBO - Angel 2.0 + Original - Pink