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Eye Gel Pads & Masks

Welcome to our Eye Gel Pads & Eye Masks collection where we offer amazing solutions for all your eye mask needs. Say goodbye to puffiness, itchiness, dark circles, tension, and allergies with our Lemon Lavender Hot + Cold Wake-Up Call Under Eye Gel Pads. Choose from Wild One, Tropical, Lilac Dots, or Mint Fresh designs to soothe your eyes. Our Lemon Lavender Under Pressure Hot & Cold Weighted Eye Mask is the perfect remedy for all your stress-related under-eye problems. The soft fabric is gentle on your eyes and the midweight temp-smart beads provide gentle pressure for ultimate relaxation. Freeze or microwave it for cooling or warming relief. It comes in three colours.  Our If Looks Could Chill Hot & Cold Gel Eye Mask is the ideal therapy for rough nights or tired eyes. The velvety softness and responsive gel beads will pamper your eyes and reduce headaches, puffiness, stress, and tension. It comes in three pastel colours; pink, green, and purple. Our Lemon Lavender Five More Minutes Silky Satin Eye Mask & Scrunchie Set is the classic combination of comfort and functionality. Made with super soft silky satin fabric, it is gentle on your delicate eye area, protects your eyelashes, and won't absorb skincare. The frizz and knot-free scrunchie comes in three patterns that coordinate. The BLING POP Collagen Healing Eye Mask is a specially designed eye mask sheet that provides hydration and nutrition to the delicate skin around your eyes. Its collagen deeply moisturizes and relaxes your skin, enhances the appearance of dry skin by restoring suppleness, reduces free radicals, and brightens eye contours. Our directions are simple: smooth the skin texture with a toner, apply mask onto skin around eyes and spread evenly, remove the mask after 15-20 minutes, and gently massage any excess essence into the skin. Try it today and enjoy the beautiful transformation of your eyes.