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invisibobble® hairhalo - the adjustable headband You have to suffer to look beautiful? Not with invisibobble®! This season, hairbands are again very trendy. Unfortunately, the stylish accessory often leads to pressure on the temple, headaches and irritation on the scalp. But now that's over, because the latest innovation from invisibobble® is the solution to the styling problems mentioned above. HAIRHALO, a headband made for everyone. individual shape and special materialThe invisibobble® HAIRHALO has two special features: the individual shape and its material. In places where it is too tight or too loose, it can be individually adapted to the shape of the head and worn all day - without pain and uncomfortable pressure! As a result, the HAIRHALO offers a comfortable and gentle alternative to conventional hair bands and, as usual from invisibobble®, traceless! minimalistic design Both designs are very minimalistic: True Dark Sparkle is made of a soft, shiny black fabric, decorated with fine black pearls. Let's Get Fizzycal reminds us of the color of a good, cold champagne with its metallic-look satin fabric. Whether worn during the day or at night, the stylish hair accessory is a real eye-catcher at all times! A headband exactly made for you. The patent-pending technology of the new invisibobble® HAIRHALO is as hair loving as it gets. Try the headband on, adjust it where it is too tight or too loose by bending it and then wear it comfortably all day long. Even more, it leaves just a few marks on your hair.The design is minimalistic chic with subtle black beads and soft shiny black fabric for a great look from day to night.