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Olivia Moss® Silky Satin Hair Scarf

Accessorize effortlessly with the Every Day Every Way hair Scarf. Our trending silky satin hair scarves stay cool and wrinkle-free and can be worn in your hair in so many different ways. Wear as a headband, bandana, ponytail or bun scarf. You can tie, bow, braid, twist, wrap or weave through all hairstyles. Available in paisleys, cheetah, checks and polka dot prints which come in a variety of colours to match every outfit. TIP: When you are not wearing in your hair, try wearing on your handbag, hat around your waist, neck or wrist as an elegant accessory for every occasion. HOW TO VIDEOS:  Make sure to watch the how to tutorials (you will find them on selected scarf listings or on our Instagram)