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Olivia Moss® Silky Satin Hair Scarf Every Day Every Way

Olivia Moss® Silky Satin Hair Scarf Every Day Every Way  Accessorize effortlessly with the Every Day Every Way hair Scarf. Our trending silky satin hair scarves stay cool and wrinkle-free and can be worn in your hair in so many different ways. Wear as a headband, bandana, ponytail or bun scarf. You can tie, bow, braid, twist, wrap or weave through all hairstyles. Available in paisleys, cheetah, checks and polka dot prints which come in a variety of colours to match every outfit. TIP: When you are not wearing in your hair, try wearing on your handbag, hat around your waist, neck or wrist as an elegant accessory for every occasion.  Style your hair with a scarf  Trending Silky Satin hair scarf Available in 12 prints and colours Checks | Paisley | Polka Dots | Cheetah