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Sleep Pillowcases, Masks & Socks

Our Silky Satin Sleep Collection is the ultimate choice for those looking to maintain the perfect hair, skin, and lash condition. Featuring pillowcases, sleep masks, and scrunchies, our collection is crafted from luxurious satin that feels silky smooth to the touch. Unlike other fabrics, satin doesn't absorb oils or products, making it a great choice to minimize frizz, knots, and dryness. Our products are designed to move seamlessly with you while reducing friction, helping to combat wrinkles and bedhead. Wake up looking and feeling your best with our gorgeous pillowcases, available in six stunning colours and patterns. Our Five More Minutes Sleep Mask and Scrunchie Duos are available in three gorgeous patterns, while our Under Pressure Weighted Hot & Cold eye mask comes in even more elegant patterns. Say goodbye to rough cotton cases and get ready for your best beauty sleep ever.