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Tangle Angel Australia & New Zealand


“It’s funny how it all started, it was just by chance really. I wanted to create a beautiful detangling brush to retail in my London salon, which is one of the largest in the UK. A brush that looked so great it would ‘sell itself’. I met Richard as the product designer who created the foil cutting machines we used in the salon. I mentioned my idea for a different kind of detangling brush. It was just a throwaway comment. Who knew?”

Richard Ward, award-winning hairdresser and co-founder of Tangle Angel

Richard Ward

“As an experienced hairdresser, I know how important it is to have control and confidence in your tools. In a professional environment, a handle gives you just that. I needed the bristles to work smoothly and easily. Not to pull or drag the hair. The brush should do all the work, even more so when you are creating a brush for people to use themselves. I saw Richard’s wing-shaped mock-up and thought ‘That’s really interesting.’ It just jumped out at me. A beautiful wing-shaped brush. We salon tested the final prototype – it worked. Technically. Aesthetically. Beautifully.

That’s how the Tangle Angel was born.”

Richard Dunn

“One of the first things I thought was it was odd that other detangling brushes didn’t have a handle. That thought needed to be combined with the challenge of designing a better bristle formation for detangling. So I spent a lot of time making mock-ups, cutting the foam into all kinds of different shapes, and putting nails in to create different flow patterns. The wings emerged from thinking about the form and the function. A brush head you could hold in your hand to really feel the knots in the hair, with the added reach and control of a handle. It’s a design that really sets us apart from other brushes.”


Richard Ward

“The new Angel 2.0 has really moved on from the original Tangle Angel. The bristles are soft, they flex and return. They don’t pull the hair, they separate and guide the strands smoothly. As well as being anti-static, the 2.0 has antibacterial protection. Did you know that the average unprotected hairbrush can contain more bacteria than a dog bowl? It’s also heat resistant for blow-drying and water-resistant, for use in the shower. Every element has been tested in the salon by myself and my stylists. Their feedback was really invaluable.

This really made a difference as to how the Angel 2.0 evolved.”

Angel Pro Chrome Collection

Richard Dunn

“It’s almost a totally different brush. There are more bristles around the edges of the brush which allows the hair to pass through easily and have more contact as the wrist naturally turns as you brush. The bristles are more concentrated in the middle for maximum contact. I’ve added an anti-static earthing strip that takes away static, which is great for dry and flyaway hair. It’s not just a detangling brush – it’s a multitasking brush. I think it’s our best Tangle Angel brush to date. But we’ll keep on improving. Evolving. It’s what we do.”

 Tangle Angel Phoenix Nationale