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PP "Rocked and Loaded" Professional Salon Artist Holster


Pink Pewter "Rocked and Loaded" Professional Salon Artist Holster

The "Rocked and Loaded" professional styling holster is the perfect size and shape to not only allow you to access your tools quickly, but have the comfort you need to work without distraction and of course - a touch of Pink Pewter style. 

Inspired and designed by Mireya Villarreal, hairstylist and Pink Pewter founder. 

" I needed a holster that didn't get in my way, but still had enough room for the essential tools I need to work on my client without interruption. I also wanted something fashionable, so I created my own!" - Mireya Villarreal

The holster is sturdy and constructed to withstand the salon artist's everyday usage. The belt is fully adjustable and is even long enough to be extended and wear crossbody. The embroidery on the front is constructed with heavier gauge thread to ensure durability. 


  • Adjustable belt will fit hip measurements from 32" to 44"
  • Fully extended, the belt can allow the holster to be used as a crossbody.
  • One (1) Bobby pin opener rivet 
  • Three (3) slots specific for combs, shears and/or clips
  • Two (2) pouches for larger items like brushes
  • Sleek branded metal emblem for authenticity

PP "Rocked and Loaded" Professional Salon Artist Holster