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Velcro Root Boost Clips Pink x6


2in1 Velcro roller transformed into a clip,  perfect for adding volume to your hair.  These innovative Velcro clips are a must-have for those seeking extra oomph and volume effortlessly.

  • Using a traditional clip mechanism
  • Rounded clip barrels,  to create root lift or curls 
  • Covered in self grip Velcro 
  • Leaves no marks on hair
  • Ideally suited for most hair types and styles that need to dial up the volume

How to use

  • Ideally use on dry hair to support your styling process or on day two and beyond
  • Spray hairspray before you use clips
  • Selection section of hair where you require volume, such as around your hairline, part line, crown area or any desired spot.
  • Smooth out the section and create tension,  then firmly clip in the Velcro boost lift clip close to the scalp.
  • Once done,  apply your favorite volumizing or setting spray
  • Use heat from your hot tools such as blow dryer
  • Allow hair to cool and set for approximately 15 - 20 minutes 
  • Remove the Velcro root boost clips and enjoy the added root lift and volume

Please note to create curls roll from the bottom up and remove in the opposite direction

 Includes 6 x pink Velcro root lift clips 

Velcro Root Boost Clips Pink x6